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legal fees : volume one

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legal fees : volume one is a photo centric zine comprised of images from seven artists that live and work in salt lake city. this curated publication highlights the work of local photographers with an overall emphasis on community. hopefully this will be the first volume in a line of artist-submission based, quartly-produced, fine art publication for artists, by artists.



warner j. grandfield

carlos guzman

landon hale

candace von hoffman

brianna lee

joseph marotta

36 pages

8 in x 10.25 in

pages: red river 32 lb. premium matte double sided paper

covers: red river ultrapro semigloss duo 255 paper

  • made to order
  • limited pressing of 30 copies
  • available for the 2021 holiday season
  • each publication is printed and assembled by hand individually
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