“Transit” is a piece that was created for @ernestgentryceramics final project for his “Touch” course this semester (fall 2018) The parameters:

1. at least 25% of total piece be made of clay. 

2. publicly installed 

3. take up at least 100 cubic ft. 

For this piece i created a 1:1, life size brick made out of clay. I photographed the clay brick (along with my real life model brick) in the studio. I then took the memory card that had the digital file and sealed it in the brick via an opening i left during its construction with more clay. I then shipped the clay to myself from my university’s campus to my house (2 miles).

I then documented receiving the package and broke the brick with a hammer. Finally, i printed the image from the digital file on the memory card. 

This piece speaks on how our lives are intertwined with both the analog and digital realms. It also explores how these two worlds move and exist spatially in physical reality.